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Collect stars in outer space
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Tiny shmup where everything has a lifebar
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Twenty seconds to type as many words as you can
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Survive against recurring lightning strikes
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Find yourself a new energy core, whatever the means
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Escada Games' Ninth Season

Welp, having a stable job sure is time consuming haha This season includes small games that I managed to make on my free time. Sucraiso is quite busy with his job lately, but he might return to this hobby in the future. Who knows.

Escada Games' Eighth season

By now, me and Sucraiso both started working on a actual job. On one side , it's great to have a stable income, but on the other, we can't really dedicate ourselves so much to gamedev anymore. Welp, here and there we will make a new thing o...

Escada Games' Seventh Season

Escada Games' Sixth Season

Escada Games' Fifth Season

Escada Games' Fourth Season

Our fourth set of games... those three brings us memories. By the time we made those games we were a bit tired of gamedev, and we also were not really getting better positions at jams or anything. It was kind of a deadlock. So, that explain...

Escada Games' Third Season

Our third set of games. With Sucraiso back on the team, I believe we made better things this time, but still nothing really "wow". Anyway, besides Godot, we also used TIC-80 to make some games this time. It was really nice to use something...

Escada Games' Second Season

The second set of our games. I did all of them by myself, as a full solo dev. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand the quality of each one shows that!

Escada Games' First Season

The first set of Escada Games games. In all of them I had Sklaiser helping with the graphics, ideas, sounds, testing, and feedback: so, I would say in that in these games I did the coding, music and some art, and he did the rest.