Horse Knight

Made for the Untitled Game Jam #38

A simple and short puzzle game. Play as a chess knight, with the single objective of destroying monarchy in the world of chess.

We hope you enjoy playing it!


Play with your mouse. You can mute the music by pressing "M".


Software credits

Source code

This game is open-source! You can check the source code on Github. Hope you learn a thing or two :)


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i like it but found it bit confuse in level 4 overall good game :)


Hiya! I'll be playing Horse Knight tomorrow on stream along with several other games from Untitled Game Jam #38 at 3:30pm EST. I'll be talking about any interesting design decisions as I play, and suggesting improvements if any come to mind. Please feel free to join me live, it'll be extra fun to chat together about your game while playing it :)


Yiss worth it to get the best ending. Sweet game!


Thanks! Glad you liked it!

About your stream, I missed it, sorry about that... but just now I started following you, so I shouldn't miss another one in the future, if it happens. Again, thanks for playing our game! Best of luck!

Cool, I hope to see you around! I'll keep an eye out on itch for any other games you make in a jam :)