In Pigeon Ascent, take care of your own pigeon as they fight increasingly stronger foes, and then face the legendary Pigeon God at the end... can you keep death far from your bird?

 Inspired by games such as La Brute, Tamagochi and a little bit of Pok茅mon, Pigeon Ascent is our game for Ludum Dare #46. I admit that we strayed a bit from the theme, but since we had tons of fun developing this game, we're quite happy with the result :)


 This game was made for the Ludum Dare #46. If you want, you can play the first uploaded version here!

Gameplay and controls:

 The mouse is used for everything. The pigeons fight by themselves, but you can choose the attribute points and which enemies your pigeon will fight.


Big thanks to Daniel LinssenJoeb Rogers, and Nimble Beasts for the text fonts we used in this game.

Software used:

Engine: Godot Engine 3.2;
Art: Aseprite;
Sound effects: JXFR, Audacity;
Music: Deflemask.


Delta-key: Coding, music, design, sound effects;
Sklaiser: Art, design, playtesting.

Source code:

It's on github! This game's code up to version 1.5.5 is under the MIT License.

However, please note that past this version, we decided to not share the source code anymore since we plan to release a more complete and polished version of this game someday.

Therefore, the version currently published here on itch.io is not under the MIT License, and can not, for instance, be published on platforms such as Steam by anyone besides ourselves (Escada Games).

Updated 11 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(473 total ratings)
AuthorEscada Games
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withAudacity, Godot, Aseprite
Tags2D, Fantasy, Funny, Godot, Ludum Dare 46, Open Source, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America, Portuguese (Brazil)
LinksLudum Dare


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Version 1
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Version 1
pigeon-ascent-win32.zip 18 MB
Version 1
pigeon-ascent-win64.zip 19 MB
Version 1

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Why is the Steam store page missing?


just spamming defense make you friggin invincible



(1 edit) (+1)

hello. pls i want to buy 1 steam key for myself, how can i contact you? thanx!

Hi! I'm sorry, but we weren't the ones that published the game on steam, and because of that we can't generate any keys for it.


Not bad. very well done. fun to play as well


I have been here for 30 min just talkin with pigod


Indeed the video gaming experience is that of a gem among a cesspool of dating simulators and degenerate fan service games. 

Not bad.


Wow this game is actually really addictive

Hey, thank you! Fyi, we will be releasing some updates pretty soon :)


Great can't wait to see what you've done


nice game

(1 edit) (+1)

I don't even...

(Edit I crit when the skill protects from being crit)


Your skill is the one that protects from crits, not their's


ah yes +10 to all atrubutes with 10/15/10 stats


guys I think I killed him


He might be a little dead :|


Only invest in speed it will make a win


nah i went with speed and strength every time i do that i win I call it the wall,ace build


me diz q foi um br q fez isso meu bro

Pode apostar, meu consagrado 馃槑




I love it :D


10 attack, 12 defence, 14 speed and with sword, onigiri buff I defeated the boss with 10 food and nearly any damage. That surprised me.




Love the game, but I have a glitch to report! if both pigeons run  below zero on food before either one wins, the game will keep running the food bars but nothing will happen , the game will be stuck. This was on the in'browser version.

(1 edit) (+2)

oh yes, maxed speed and other 5 points (food +10 atk). quite ez

best game! very simple but fun.

agora o plunct plact zum, pode partir sem problema algum.


Fun game!

Pigeon o7 

birb the II. has ascended to become the new pigeon god


I have ascended and become the almighty ninja pigeon. This game was great!! It was fun, easy to play, and fast.  Also...pigeons




Max out your attack and you pretty much won. had fun


Fun game. Wish it was longer.

Also potential bug? My pigeon stopped evolving on runs after the 1st time I bought the wings.


This. is. COO


nhnhnnm good game

My beautiful Pidgeon god "Ballface" :)

doing all rounder is easy, the others require finesse, I like it!


Pretty cool game! Almost won with defense pigeon, did with speed, then with balanced. I didn't realize there were more items in the shop ha, I was wondering why I had so much money.  Will probably mess around with it more to find some of the other evolutions.


Thank you! I had no clue there was more stuff in the shop, haha


pigod was very easy on the second try


I arrived at pgod and we were hungry and I couldn't continue

Pigod is Pigone

I put all points exclusively on strenght, gave my pidgeon only protein, and picked out only the enemies with the weakest defense. She one-shotted everything and eventually grew muscle arms. Then another muscle arms pidgeon came who had half as much strenght but a couple points in defense and speed, and killer her

(1 edit)

Fun, but after beating it one time, my pigeon stopped evolving up when I replayed it? Like I couldn't get the knight or fridge again.

I lost once and now i cant evolve

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