In Pigeon Ascent, take care of your own pigeon as they fight increasingly stronger foes, and then face the legendary Pigeon God at the end... can you keep death far from your bird?

 Inspired by games such as La Brute, Tamagochi and a little bit of Pokémon, Pigeon Ascent is our game for Ludum Dare #46. I admit that we strayed a bit from the theme, but since we had tons of fun developing this game, we're quite happy with the result :)


 This game was made for the Ludum Dare #46. If you want, you can play the first uploaded version here!

Gameplay and controls:

 The mouse is used for everything. The pigeons fight by themselves, but you can choose the attribute points and which enemies your pigeon will fight.


Big thanks to Daniel LinssenJoeb Rogers, and Nimble Beasts for the text fonts we used in this game.

Software used:

Engine: Godot Engine 3.2;
Art: Aseprite;
Sound effects: JXFR, Audacity;
Music: Deflemask.


Delta-key: Coding, music, design, sound effects;
Sklaiser: Art, design, playtesting.

Source code:

It's on github! This game's code is under the MIT License.


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Version 1
pigeon-ascent-linux64.zip 20 MB
Version 1
pigeon-ascent-win32.zip 18 MB
Version 1
pigeon-ascent-win64.zip 19 MB
Version 1

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pigod was very easy on the second try

I arrived at pgod and we were hungry and I couldn't continue

Pigod is Pigone

I put all points exclusively on strenght, gave my pidgeon only protein, and picked out only the enemies with the weakest defense. She one-shotted everything and eventually grew muscle arms. Then another muscle arms pidgeon came who had half as much strenght but a couple points in defense and speed, and killer her

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Fun, but after beating it one time, my pigeon stopped evolving up when I replayed it? Like I couldn't get the knight or fridge again.

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make this game longer it is so good! I would also love to see a harder mode for an added challenege


Hmm. When I was fighting a fridge, they suddenly stopped attacking and had a red bar above their heads. Is this a bug or?


A very fun little game! Very polished for a LD title as well, the idea is fun and works well. Great graphics as well, Pompo is now the new Pigeon God!


I'm new to itch io, and I must admit that apart from being the first game I've played with my new account, I loved it. I defeated the dove god in one go. I think there is a lack of content but it is totally understandable, I hope they will release more content over time!

my pigeons name is cracker because he is whiter then snow

At first i thought this was basically impossible and It took me a couple of tries before I got so close he was at 52 health, but after a couple more tries I beat him in 3 hits


Why does my pigeon just not evolve sometimes?


ah yes.

my nigga attacked for 864 damages

Based Win

Linda gameplay cheia de elementos juice que deixam o visual incrivelmente agradável, como dev de godot usarei seu game como inspiração. PS: Seu game está no top da hash godot ai que achei ele parabéns.

This game was quite fun. It's a neat auto battler that doesn't halt it's action for very long.

Also, I used all my gold on protein before the pigeon god and killed it in three turns.


three turns?

dats too much lol

Short, simple, fun. 8/10. Would love an endless version.

Que obra de arte!!

you should make an endless version!

Wow, really great game, wish it was longer tho, I never got to use the ice cube. It also maybe could have been a bit more difficult. Everything else was really fun though and I really enjoyed it. You should maybe consider coming back to this sometime...

beat the game in 20 minutes, and again in another 7, not hard enough

Great game. Should have been a bit more difficult.
Full game playthrough-

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Thank you!

played with with wee bit effort and defeated the pigeon god, good game

cara que jogo GENIAL


There is a lot of strategy. I really like how simple it is, yet you need a strategy

Won without evolving ez asf EZ EZ EZ EZ EZ EZ EZ EZ EZ 


حمل العابي https://fawaz-alhalabigdllll.itch.io/

This game was a blast! My lil pigeon Pato made it all the way to the end without fault. This game was pretty fun to play I must admit. Update the game or don't, it's up to you bud! Thanks for keeping me from boredom, although it was short it was good. Thank you once again! ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

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It was easy but i enjoyed and loved. You should update this man


Easy game

This is so great. I love the artwork, style, and everything!

Amazing game. The art is really pretty. 

I like it, but the gameplay was still to short for me, even when  i played over and over again. I really love the mechanics and the such artstyle! Keep up the great work!

Lovely gaem

so noice game


I must have gone crazy, but I love this game and sometimes play it over and over again. I would remove my frontal lobe of the brain and play it for the rest of my life, if not for work and hobbies.

Let's go back to the pigeon crusade and overthrow the false god! PIGOD VULT!

This is the most game I've played!


veryeuh niceu game . deliteufoul :)


lololol this is so cool


ez cool game

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