Pigeon Ascent 1.4 Update - The skill update

Hello! We are releasing version 1.4 of Pigeon Ascent. It includes the usual bug fixes and some QoL improvements, but also includes some more polish and also a balancing that is a lot better, since now the game has abilities!

 Now, each pigeon species has a unique skill associated with it. For instance, the default pigeon is protected from critical hits, and Hatoshi, the samurai pigeon, deals damage twice when attacking (yes, this is quite powerful). It is possible that one detail or another might have passed us by, so feel free to report bugs or make suggestions. Both are very appreciated!

 Here's the full changelog:

  • Bugs
    • The hotdog now heals the correct amount;
    • The pigeon who loses now should disappear without returning to the screen;
    • Some buttons should not have a glitched texture any longer;
    • Fixed pigeons with 0 food attacking faster instead of slower;
    • Fixed float numbers appearing as damage values on the log;
  • Quality of Life/Polish
    • Added 2 new music tracks, to have a less repetitive gameplay. Now, each "stage" of the game has its own track;
    • The music only starts to play after the player names their pigeon;
    • When evolving, a short jingle will play;
    • Added 2 new enemy pigeons I believe;
  • New features/balancing
    • Added skills. Skills change the fighting style of each pigeon, giving them different strengths and protection as well. For pigeons that the player can't play as (at least for now), such as the duck, the skill is purely cosmetic;
    • Defensive and speed builds should now be quite viable, while strength builds where buffed too. Still, I believe everything is a lot more balanced now!
    • Buffed the Pigeon God.

 Also, now I'm not sure what else we could improve in the game without completely remaking it hahaha there's still some minor changes to be made, such as making the battle log more colorful, but besides that I'm open to suggestions on what to improve. This is a quite popular game of ours, so making it better little by little is a nice objective for us.

 Thanks for the attention, and I hope you enjoy playing Pigeon Ascent!


w64.zip 16 MB
Apr 20, 2021
w32.zip 16 MB
Apr 20, 2021
l64.zip 17 MB
Apr 20, 2021
l32.zip 17 MB
Apr 20, 2021
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Apr 20, 2021

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