Pigeon Ascent 1.2 Update

Hello! We are updating Pigeon Ascent to its 1.2 version. Big thanks to everyone who played and gave us great feedback and related bugs!

The changes are mainly:

  • Polish:
    • Added some scrolling backgrounds on the menus;
    • Added some particles to the stamina and health bars;
    • Enemy pigeons now "fly" offscreen when defeated;
    • Increasing stats now sounds better;
    • Some of the game backgrounds now change according to the player's pigeon evolution;
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where the pigeons would get stuck indefinitely while fighting;
    • Initial enemies are now a lot more balanced.

Thanks again for every feedback, and I hope everyone enjoys playing Pigeon Ascent!


w64.zip 15 MB
Aug 16, 2020
w32.zip 14 MB
Aug 16, 2020
l64.zip 16 MB
Aug 16, 2020
l32.zip 15 MB
Aug 16, 2020
mac.zip 16 MB
Aug 16, 2020

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