Pigeon Ascent 1.5.2 Update

Hey everyone, just a small update, yet again. 

  • Tweaked the collision for some of the FIGHT buttons;
  • Pigeons should not regen hp anymore when hungry;
  • Pigod's life total should always be an integer now.

 The glitch where both pigeons get stuck... that really should be fixed already... still, if you find it, please tell me. I really hate it, but it's game breaking, so there's only one way to deal with it hahaha

 Thanks again for the support, feedback, and interest in our games. Really, thanks a lot! Feedback and other commentaries are still very welcome!


w64.zip 16 MB
Jul 17, 2021
w32.zip 16 MB
Jul 17, 2021
l64.zip 17 MB
Jul 17, 2021
l32.zip 17 MB
Jul 17, 2021
mac.zip 18 MB
Jul 17, 2021

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