Pigeon Ascent 1.3 Update

Hello, we are bringing a small update to Pigeon Ascent. It might be a long time since last update, but we still would love to get some more feedback. Also, big thanks to everyone who gave us feedback and helped us make this game better, even if little by little.

  • Bugs
    • Fixed the retry/next button not appearing after a battle;
  • Quality of Life
    • Now the player can their stats and money while choosing their next opponent;
    • Made the UI (hopefully) more consistent with the pixel art and other visuals in the game;
    • Made some other slight changes to the UI to make the game a bit more visually pleasing.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to say them! Who knows, we might even end up with a version 1.4! In particular, this update includes some nice suggestions made a bunch of players along time. Big thanks to all of them!


l32.zip 15 MB
Apr 13, 2021
l64.zip 16 MB
Apr 13, 2021
mac.zip 16 MB
Apr 13, 2021
w64.zip 15 MB
Apr 13, 2021
w32.zip 14 MB
Apr 13, 2021

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