Pigeon Ascent v1.5.3

Hey everyone,

 Last few weeks a bunch of people started playing Pigeon Ascent, so we made a small new update! This update actually was finished about a month ago, but we didn't decide between adding more stuff or shipping it the way it was. I went with the latter because this update includes a bunch of small fixes and QoL stuff, and current players could enjoy it, I believe.

 It is so much stuff that, in fact, I don't even remember most of them 🤦‍♂️.  Still, the gameplay is smoother and less buggy now (at least I hope so).

 Feedback is still very, very appreciated. We really love seeing so many people playing our games, and leaving comments as well! Also, I still will read every comment I didn't read yet 🙂

 Thanks a lot everyone, until next game/update!


l32.zip 17 MB
Oct 03, 2021
l64.zip 17 MB
Oct 03, 2021
mac.zip 18 MB
Oct 03, 2021
w32.zip 16 MB
Oct 03, 2021
w64.zip 16 MB
Oct 03, 2021

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