Pigeon Ascent 1.5 Update

Hello everyone, we are releasing a new version of Pigeon Ascent! Not much new stuff here, just some QoL stuff and rebalancing.


  • Nerfed the crusader just a bit;
  • Buffed the Pigeon God a bit;
  • Fixed the opponent dealing half damage when the player had zero food (that apparently was a thing);
  • Minimum damage is now 1;
  • Pigeons will get hurt every turn if they become hungry for too long (more than 3 of their turns);
  • Made the battle log a bit more colorful;
  • More pigeon names!

 Also, we are still open for feedback and suggestions. They are quite welcome!

We still have some features planned, like more items (that would work as equipment), a more active battle system (something with pressing a button at the correct time making you deal more damage/block part of the damage), and a longer game overall (maybe with 15 fights, instead of 10). However, we are not really sure if we should try to add those things here, or try to make a new and better game from scratch. Well, we'll see. 

Thanks everyone for playing and for their feedback! They both mean a lot to us!


l32.zip 17 MB
Jun 07, 2021
l64.zip 17 MB
Jun 07, 2021
mac.zip 18 MB
Jun 07, 2021
w32.zip 16 MB
Jun 07, 2021
w64.zip 16 MB
Jun 07, 2021

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