WARNING: This game has strong visual effects that may possibly cause seizures. Please, proceed with care!

Also, consider downloading one of the offline versions in case the HTML5 version doesn't work for you.


Null Dagger is an experimental platformer made for the Godot Wild Jam #10, which theme was "Glitch". In Null Dagger, after hearing whereabouts of a treasure inside a forgotten ruin, you find a mysterious dagger with the ability to...modify the enviroment around it, and return to their owner whenever its are called. Can you use its powers in the best way possible, and make sure to escape these ruins alive...?

Feedback is very welcome!


  • A and D Keys: Move;
  • W or Space Key: Jump;
  • Mouse: Aim;
  • Left Mouse Button: Shoot the Dagger;
  • Right Mouse Button: Recall the Dagger;
  • Enter: Pause/unpause the game;
  • M: Mute the game.


I (Delta-key) did the coding, the level design, the music, and most of the SFX. Morning Suks did most of the graphics, testing, and a lot of the design as well.

Big thanks to ZapSlat for the spring SFX, and to Anokolisa, for the tileset.  Also, some of the SFX were sampled and edited from JoJo's Bizarre Adveture's.

Software used:

  • Game engine: Godot Engine 3.1.1 Stable;
  • Graphics: Aseprite;
  • Music: Deflemask (NES and GB systems);
  • SFX: JXFR and Audacity;

Finally, thank you for playing!

This game is open source, and its (very messy) source code is available at GitHub.


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nullDagger-w64.zip 16 MB
nullDagger-w32.zip 16 MB
nullDagger-mac.zip 18 MB


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Congrats on winning the jam! 

Thanks a lot Niels! I couldn't play a lot of the other jam games because of college, but Morning Suks told me yours was one of his favorites, so I ended up playing Glitch Valley. We both thought your take on the theme was pretty great, and IMO your gameplay loop is pretty nice. Good job developing it, as well!


I absolutely loved this game! I got so many ideas for my next game just by playing this one. Thanks for the game and submission.

 Really awesome that it served as inspiration to you! Thank you for playing and commenting, as well!


This is a pretty good game, but the camera wasn't very cooperative. It often obscured areas of the map. Good job otherwise!


Thanks WatDowTal for your feedback! Camera is a feature we will polish in the next version, thanks for your time!


Very nice concept of a game! I really liked the retro art style and music. The idea of spikes turning to platforms using a sword that creates a glitch is genius, I enjoyed this game a lot :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


 Hey, thanks! Happy to see you liked it, specially the idea of glitching stuff :)

About the GDWC2019, we are the same people that made Blackened, not sure if you remember it. Anyway, we still are considering joining... we are not sure if we have enough skill yet, but thanks for invinting, we will think about it more thoroughly!


This game looks very nice and feels well polished. The dagger mechanic is very cool. I really like how the key follows you around after you pick it up.

 Thanks! We tried to make the game feel polished and nice to play, so I'm glad you noticed and liked it :)


The game has been quite enjoyable. I really liked the unique feeling of controlling the dagger.
Sadly I think, I stumbled upon an unwanted glitch which doesn't let me proceed, as a key that I was supposed to get, got consumed opening a door I had already opened. In this spot :Either way! Good work! I really enjoyed it~ At least up to this point!


yup, same happened to me.
sucks really hard.

I also wonder how you should make that high jump directly following afterwards?

 Really sorry about that... we didn't playtest a lot, my fault. In the post-jam version, this problem will be fixed.

About how to proceed, I suggest trying to use the dagger on a certain object in that area... ;)

Thanks for the feedback Joseph, glad you liked what you could play!

 About the glitch, thanks for pointing it out and giving a picture, as well. I already fixed it, but I think I'll release and push this new version only when the voting is over. Sorry about it!


The game was pretty fun~ No need to be sorry about a little bug! 
I am happy to be of help !