Work so that I can get those beautiful pigeons you darn bees.

"Work so that I can get those beautiful pigeons you darn bees." or WSTICGTBPYDB for short is a clicker game with a focus on not clicking, as well as the various spheres of the human social evolution along the ages, including but not limited to scientific advancements, rise of the capitalism, slavery, and finally the nowadays obsession with meaningless stuff. Your main objective in the game is to gather enough money to open lootboxes, that may contain rare and exclusive pigeons commonly collected by other people: there are over 80 marvelous and unique pigeons to be found, can you collect them all in order to obviously change your own life to a better one and not feel excluded from the latest trends among other humans???

Made for the Not Going to GDC Jam, aiming for the best shitpost game. 

 Also, notice that I'm really not going to GDC as well, so this game could not be any more accurate of the reality.

 If you find any bugs, feel free to contact me via the comments or anything. Source code will be uploaded someday.


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what do I do with holy honeycombs?


what is happening


Hahaha, yeah, this game is quite strange. I made it a long time ago, when I was experimenting a lot with different ideas. One day I thought about making a idle game with pigeons and bees, and there you have it hahaha