My second game with the TIC-80. Here you control two characters at the same time, EXCEPT for the jumping, with Z being the jump button for the Red one, and X the jump for the Blue one. This simple modification will prove to be an issue bigger than what you would expect if you come to play this game!

 It is very short, so consider giving it a shot :)

Had a lot of fun developing it, and got to learn a bunch of things, given that my first "game" can't even be really called a game! Still, there's a lot of room for improvement in my TIC skills.

 The source code, once again, can be seen by pressing Esc, exiting the game, and pressing F1.


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It is a bit frustrating and the music is kind of repetitive, but overall it is a nice game. I had never heard of TIC-80, but it seems like a pretty good engine.


This is a really well-implemented idea and frustrating as hell. But frustrating in a way where I'm kicking myself and not mad at the game, which is important. Great game!

Thanks a lot! When testing the game I noticed it was getting a bit frustrating since controlling both characters not completely at the same time was kind of strange and confusing... but I guess that is part of the mechanic, so maybe it is not entirely bad. Once again, thanks a lot, really glad that you liked it!


Frustration at its finest!

This little game is fun, and I think I'll try using TIC-80. Thanks for making it!


Hahaha yes, but at least I guess this time things are a bit more fair, since the controls seem work fine this time!

Also, great that you liked it! Thanks for playing!

(BTW, a really recommend the TIC-80 Wiki, Stele's source code, and Celeste's source code as learning resources. At first it seems pretty hard and even boring, but soon enough it gets really fun and kinda fast to make small and simple games!)


Thanks for the links!


Glad to help!


minor glitch: game reports a time of ?45.10000000000002 and -1760.9 seconds

but I liked how I had to jump-block to get them lined up for the final leg of the last level

Dang, sorry about that! Just fixed it, seems to work fine now. Thanks for commenting and pointing this glitch out! Really glad you finished the game as well hahaha


I loved this, can't remember the last time I played a game that did the whole "move two characters at the same time" thing correctly. It's this great mix of coming up with a plan for when you need to make each character jump and then actually executing on your plan. I also never found myself in a situation where one of the characters was stuck, which always seem to be a problem with these kinds of games.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm really glad you liked it: I really like having game development as a hobby in itself, but getting this sort of feedback and knowing that I did things right or am getting better is really awesome. Thanks again!