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The Almastone

 Legend says that deep into one forgotten ruin, there is a artifact  called the Almastone, whose power may not be simply described with human words... you, a Archeomage named Rag, finally found the ruin: now, could the legend be true? Only one way to find out.

The controls:

  • Arrow keys: move;
  • X: attack;
  • Z: ???


  • Keyband: Coding, music and sounds, some of the sprites, using respectively Godot Engine, LMMS and BFXR, and Krita.
  • Sklaiser: Most of the sprites, using Photoshop.

Additional Comments

This is the fourth game we both, Keyband and Sklaiser, made, this time participating the NesMaker Hype Jam

 To say the truth, things didn't go as well as we expected, in a way very similar to that of our first project, Archer Hunter. Sadly the game has glitches and feels very rushed...  then, I decided to leave it as a Prototype: it is functional, but I believe we can't really call it a finished game, since it could be improved in so many ways. 

 Anyway, we decided to upload it to get some feedbacks and commentaries. Thanks for checking out our game, and I hope you appreciate the game in its state despite the major flaws!


almastone-w64.rar 10 MB
almastone-w32.rar 8 MB
almastone-linux.rar 11 MB

Install instructions

  • Windows: Download the adequate file for your system (32 or 64 bits); extract the .rar file; execute the .exe file inside.
  • Linux: Download the .rar file for Linux; extract it; give executable permissions to the binary; execute it. To extract the .rar file, you may need to use urar.

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