Hey! This is a very crude prototype, so there might be some bugs that got away from debugging. If you find any, sorry! Also, feedback is most welcome.


A tower defense with platformer elements. Don't let the Mutant Waffles escape the Bamel® factory! To do so, you must power up turrets using your electricity gun. Made for the GameGaroto Weekly Game Jam #46 and Games Factory Jam & Weekly Game Jam.


  • Arrow keys to move;
  • Z to jump;
  • X to shoot. You can shoot to charge up the turrets;
  • Enter to open the pause menu and buy upgrades.


  • Delta Key: all the bad parts of the game, aka coding and music. Used Godot Engine and Deflemask/JXFR.
  • Sklaiser: all graphics. Used Photoshop.

Source code:

Here you go.

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsEscada Games, Sucraiso
Made withGodot, Adobe Photoshop
Tags2D, Endless, Experimental, Game Boy, godot-engine, Pixel Art, sourcecode, Tower Defense, waffle
Average sessionA few seconds


wafflegeddon-w64.zip 10 MB
wafflegeddon-w32.zip 8 MB
wafflegeddon-linux.tar.gz 11 MB


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i cannot jump.


I like this game!

Some feedback:

1. When a heart is on the floor it works as a barricade, enemies get stuck on it.
2. Try separating it into waves, it's easier to understand what's happening and have time to prepare.
3. It's annoying to have to keep jumping and clicking on the turrets to fix them. Maybe you could click once and show a "fixing" bar on top of the player's head?
4. I really like the graphics
5. Kindly consider mobile build & co-op in the future!! 

I wanna hear updates about this game! Please don't stop it! :) 


Thanks dpw1! Really appreciate your feedback. I'll fix those bugs after the Pizza Jam I believe hahaha
 About your point #3, we will consider that, but I think that needing to keep shooting is better, because the player can easily stop recharging the turret to shoot a enemy or go to another turret. But I'll make a test and we might do as you said, if it gets better :)

 Also, we'll develop this game a bit more, fixing bugs and polishing it, since the feedback on it is being so great. I will definitely try to add co-op, and make a mobile release. Thanks again for the comment, it was really helpful!  


I really like the art and music here!  I was a bit confused what was going on at first.  I didn't read the "tower defense" part, my fault, but didn't know the turrets were on my side and were avoiding them, lol.  Main thing I would like to see is the camera view to be able to see more so I could know when to jump back and forth.

Also, I didn't do very well at all, but are there waves? Or does it go on forever? Or how is that part setup?

 Thanks Lou! Really appreciate your feedback. The camera really ended being too close I guess, but it was because of the resolution we chose (it is the same as the GameBoy): however, now that the Jam is over, I guess using a bigger resolution will make things better!

 About how the game was setup, well, at first we thought of it being wave-based, but due to the time ending we decided to leave it as going on forever, and upload the game as a prototype despite that. On future versions, it should be more polished and functional in this aspect, among others.


Yeah, understandable that time ran out.  You have a great start to something though!


It was entertaining.  Thank you for posting both a Linux and browser build-- that means a lot to some of us that would also like to give feedback on games.  Just some quick feedback:

  • It was a little hard to realize exactly what was going on, at first, but I figured it out
  • One thing I noticed right away is, you can leave the heart power-ups on the ground, and it halts all ground movement from the invaders, so you only have to focus on the flying ones
  • You can't shoot through powerups-- you have to pick them up in order to shoot where you want to
  • I like that you can upgrade while playing
  • Good job on the theme restrictions
  • Convincing retro feel to it

  Glad you found it fun. Also, thanks for the feedback, also means a lot for us!

  • I suppose a tutorial is needed for this game, but didn't really have time to make one. Future versions should have one thought!
  • Did not notice these bugs, thanks for pointing them out.
  • Thanks for the saying what did work in the game! We really tried to make something more experimental on this one, so it's important to see where it did work.

Hey, this was pretty fun! One suggestion for later is that the camera swerves pretty quickly, so maybe slow that down a bit.


Thanks, happy you liked it! I noticed the camera was maybe too fast, so thanks for the comment. I'll make it slower or add options for changing it's speed.


One more thing; It'd be cool if this were open-source. Any plans?


I completely agree hahaha just uploaded the source code yesterday, you can check it here!