A small game made for the 2D Platformer Jam.


  • Arrow keys: move left or right;
  • Z: Increase gravity;
  • X: Decrease gravity. Notice that the gravity can be negative!


  • Engine: TIC-80;
  • Graphics: Aseprite;
  • Music/SFX: TIC-80 tracker.

I did the coding and music, Sklaiser made the graphics.

Development log


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Great implementation of the gravity changing mechanic. However, the music is very glitchy (pretty sure it's bugged). I also couldn't figure out how to do the first level in which you get the pole with the red square (toggle for the door I guess).


Neat concept, but I think it should be Z to decrease and X to increase because it is confusing pressing the right button and the slider moving left and visa versa

Thanks! I see, when the jam is over I'll make sure to change the controls!


Huh... I had an idea for a puzzle platformer where you had a slider to change gravity but thought that would be too much work for 1 week...

Anyways, I like this!

 I believe making something more puzzle-like would be too much work too, so we ended with something more platform-y I guess... I don't know if that made sense, but the development ended a lot simpler!

 Also, thanks for commenting, glad that you liked!