A small platformer demo-prototype-thing-ish made for the Weekly Game Jam #55. Made using the great TIC-80.

 I have always found Fantasy Consoles pretty charming and interesting, but their simplicity also scared me away a bit. I mean, in Godot for instance collisions are handled just by adding a Collision Shape to your body; in a FC, however, you got know how to use your AABBs if you want anything to collide with anything.

 Still, I tried learning some stuff last week, and since the Weekly Game Jam is stress free (as is said on the jam description), I made something to do with matches.

 Finally, even if this is pretty simple, I learned a lot and found that using a Fantasy Console can be pretty fun, along with being very challenging! I hope to use TIC-80 more on the future.

 To see the Source code, just press Esc once the game is loaded, chose to exit the game, and press F1. It is in JavaScript, and very messy!


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Very nice style. Like the lighting using the mouse position and that the eyes of the character is the only thing you see in the dark. :)
(small typo: "thought" instead of "though")

Oops, my bad. Already fixed it, thanks for pointing it out! Also, glad you liked some things in it :)


:thumbs up: