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Cosmic Potato Trader Simulator

A 48 Secret Jam/April and LD41 entry

Welcome, to the Cosmic Potato Trader Simulator!
Can you become rich trading potatoes, one of the rarest materials on the cosmos after the Great War of Whatever (one of the various planets that exist obviously), across the Universe?
You will have buy and sell potatoes with different prices aiming for profit, and meteorites or pirates, that you can dispatch with your Potato Cannon. Beware to not find yourself without potatoes to shoot and sell!


  • WASD keys to move;
  • Left mouse button to shoot and select options;
  • Right mouse button to slow down the spaceship.

Software used:

 This is a strange game, sure. The themes I had were "Potato" and "Asteroid" by the 48 Secret Jam, and "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres" by the LD41 (I combinated a Shoot-Em-Up with a Commerce Simulator I guess). 

 Why I participated both jams? Well, I'm a undergratuate guy, and have lots of stuff to do. Joining jams is not one of them. But since I like fiddling with game development, I might as well make a single game for two jams, to save time, you know.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorEscada Games
TagsAsteroids, Bullet Hell, commerce, Ludum Dare 41, potato, Shoot 'Em Up, sourcecode, Space, Space Sim
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A fun little game, I appreciate the concept. I also like how your cargo is your ammo and how the distance is how many seconds you must survive in the asteroid/pirate part. I wouldn't mind seeing this idea expanded on, perhaps with different planets to visit with different prices, distances, and dangers on the trip.

Wow, thanks for playing and for giving feedback! This game isn't our best in my opinion, but it's great to see you liked it, and even noticed small details such as the distance and the time being about the same :)

 We might repolish this game one day, or even remake it. Anyway, thanks for commenting once again!