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Hello everyone! This is the third game me and my friend Sklaiser made, this time for the Games Plus Jam, under 72 hours. Being our first 3 day jam, man, it was tought! But that is stuff for a post-mortem I guess, so let's talk about the game.

 Also, if possible, leave us some feedback! It will help we make better games in the future.

 Zeitmeister the Timeskeeper

 Is this game you play as the Zeitmeister, the one who maintains the stability of the TimeMesh. You need to destroy temporal wormholes and the beings that emerge from them, temporal abominations from various eras (we had time to put only two, thought)...

The controls

  • Mouse to aim;
  • LMB to shoot;
  • RMB to slow time;
  • WASD keys to move;
  • Enter to pause.

Credits and softwares used

I made the code, music, and other small stuff, with:

  • Engine: Godot;
  • Music: LMMS;
  • Sounds: BFXR;
  • And a bit of the artworks with: Krita

And about Sklaiser, he made all the graphics:

  • Graphics: Photoshop

Source code and other things

I will upload the source soon. Also, there might be some bugs here and there, we didn't have enough time to test it thoroughly... please report them if you find any.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

zeitmeister-w64.rar 9.2 MB
zeitmeister-w32.rar 7.8 MB
zeitmeister-linux.rar 10 MB
zeitmeister-mac.zip 26 MB


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Hi there, this game was fun to play, until I started shooting at some of the wormholes, only for more to appear in the same spot over and over, thus leading to high scores that would then freeze the game.

Also, I couldn't tell what was affecting my character's health bar, as it came down to either getting hit by the entities being spawned by the wormholes, or by more wormholes being created and/or said entities are attacking the landscape. It was a little confusing, but it didn't take me away from the gameplay itself :p

Hi Hob, thanks for commenting! We really appreciate it.

 Thanks for pointing out these things. Sadly we did not have enough time to do some proper playtesting, what resulted in things like wormholes spawing on same spots and some of the confusing stuff in the gameplay. We'll be sure to manage better our time in the future though!

Alright, glad to have helped you guys out :)