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Play as the Miko Mizuni, who manages a bathhouse dedicated exclusively to masked ghosts with different tastes about how to enjoy a bath: Cold? Hot? Normal? Maybe with a specific bath salt? Or another entirely? Either way, her job isn't an easy one... 

Made for the Godot Community Game Jam - June 2018. Feedback is more than appreciated!


  • Arrow keys/ D-Pads: Move;
  • Z/ Xbox A/ Xbox B/ Playstation Cross/ Playstation Circle: Jump;
  • X/ Xbox X/ Xbox Y/ Playstation Square/ Playstation Triangle: Grab/Throw stuff;
  • Enter/Pause button: Pause.
How to play:
  • From time to time, the ghost customers will enter one the rooms looking for a quality bath. Each one will have a specific request, so be sure to fulfill it!
    • If a client finishes his bath according to the request, he will leave happy, increasing the reputation of the bathhouse;
    • However, if  the request isn't attended, he will leave speaking badly of Mizuni's service, lowering the bathhouse reputation, and it'll be game over if you lose all your reputation!

  • Raise or low the bathtubs temperature according to customer's request using thermal stones. They will affect only the bathtubs close enough.
  • In addition to the ideal temperature, customers will want one of the two types of bath salts: you can get them at the boxes in the sides of the room, and throw them in the bath.

  • Customer orders will appear on top of the door when, with the desired bath salt and temperature according to the color of the sign.

  • Bathtubs with no thermal stone nearby will return to the ambient temperature, given by the current weather.

Credits and software:
  • Delta-Key:
    • Coding: Godot Engine;
    • Music: Deflemask Tracker and Audacity;
    • Sounds: BFXR and JFXR;
  • Sklaiser:
    • Graphics: Adobe Photoshop;
    • Menu Background: Magica Voxel;
    • Logo: Cool Logo;
    • Playtesting (lots of it).

The gif was made using Peek.


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Source Code is available on GitHub as well!


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The controls are a little bit difficult (player speed is quite high), but the overall game is really good, thanks :)

Once the jam is over, I'm going to make the controls feel better... I think that fine tuning these things is kinda hard during a game jam, so maybe it ended this way because of that. Either way, thanks for pointing this out!


Wow I'm bad at this game ;-;


Hahaha maybe the game ended being a bit hard, even after a lot of balancing! Even we aren't very good at it...