A relativistic game made for the Atari 2600 Gotm.io Jam #2

This one is a quite simple game! I don't think it will do amazing on the jam, but I really wanted to experiment making an asteroids clone with some length contraction as a mechanic.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy it!

How to play:

Avoid the asteroids, while destroying them by shooting. Be aware of length contraction! Putting it simply, your speed and the direction you moves will deform every other object

Also, you recharge your weapon the faster you go. This is quite important!

Note that by no means this is a realistic representation of relativistic effects! It's just a game based of some of the results :)

Here are the controls:
  • Left and right arrows/A and D keys: Rotate the ship;
  • Up arrow/W key: Go foward;
  • Z/X/J/K: shoot;

About the name:

 In physics, we use the letter when talking about the speed of light, the fastest speed we know about. But why c? Well, that's  because c stands for celeritas, latin for speed. Nice name when you think about it, right?


  • Godot Engine v3.2.2 Stable
  • JFXR


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celeritas-w64.rar 11 MB
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celeritas-l64.zip 16 MB
celeritas-l32.zip 15 MB
celeritas-mac.zip 16 MB

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