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there are times when pigeons don't attack and stay put and I have to reboot, but if I reboot I lose my pigeon :(
I love the game but with the bugs it is unplayable

 Sorry about this bug, it has been haunting me forever now 🤦‍♂️ but I noticed some unexpected behaviors in the code, and fixed the softlock.

 Thanks for playing! It would be nice in case you replayed the game and hopefully find no problems now hahaha

Hi, I played the game again, thank you very much for correcting that error, I was finally able to complete the game :)

Damn, finally hahahaha this problem really existed for a very long time, great to see it's fixed (or at least it seems so for now)!

 Thanks for playing again also! It's great to know you enjoyed playing it 👍


nice game


my pigeon always evolves into this :/

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If you're still interested, try to focus on only one stat.
I think you keep getting that evolution because either two or all of your stats have the same amount of points.



 Yeah, that's it! 👍 Someday that might change, but so far having no focus on a single stat ends up evolving your pigeon into the platy.


this game is so annoying it keeps breaking you said you would fix it 2 months ago this game is bad now

 Hey, sorry if you found some bugs, I try to fix most of them but one or another keep coming back, sadly.

 Still, from time to time we're still updating this game, including some new features and bug fixes too. Some days ago, for instance, I released an update that makes the battles a lot smoother. So, yeah, it isn't great to know that you found Pigeon Ascent annoying and buggy, but that's still feedback, so thanks for trying to play it!


This game is awesome !! :D


I love this game! Good job!

Heyyyy, thanks for the support! Glad you enjoyed it!


ur welcome!


Really fun game, I just wish I could actually finish a run but the bugs always get in the way. The pigeons always switch places and it softlocks but if that gets fixed I'm definitely finishing this game.

Sorry about the glitches 😅 I could swear that on every release the bugs where fixed, but they keep coming back... anyway, thanks for playing, it's great to know that you enjoyed it!


This game is very fun. Reminds me of swords and sandals for some reason lol. Love the aesthetics and overall art style. The music was also bopping. Loved it overall and can't wait to see more games from you!




Sheesh Best Game Ive Ever Played


Acabei de descobrir que vocês são Brasileiros, meu deus, que perfeição!

A arte é muito bem feita, serio mesmo, que coisa linda, a animação de evolução ficou massa d+, parabéns aos artistas

Eu joguei algumas (varias) vezes e não encontrei nenhum bug, parabéns aos programadores 

Os tipos e nomes de pombo foram geniais, não sei quem teve a ideia, mas eu te amo

Obrigado pelo ótimo jogo! A única coisa ruim é que é curto 

 Yooooooooooooo, isso aí! Eu e o Sucraiso somos br, acertou 👍

 O Sucras é o cara que fez a arte toda, incluindo o design dos pombos que eu lembre, danado ele. Ele não chegou a responder seu comment, mas ele comentou comigo que ficou todo felizão com o feedback. Parece coisa simples, mas realmente faz o nosso dia saber que gostaram do jogo, sabe? 

 Sobre os bugs, ainda tem um ou outro acredito... mas ótimo saber que você encontrou nenhum! 

 E pra fechar, a gente que agradece por você ter jogado e curtido tanto o jogo, e ainda parado pra deixar um comentário aqui. Estão nos nossos planos fazer um Pigeon Ascent 2 um dia, e seria um jogo beeeem mais bonitinho e maior, é claro. Não consigo dar uma previsão, mas pessoalmente eu espero que não demoremos pra começar esse sequência! De novo, muito obrigado por jogar!


after my bird evolves I can't do anything


I am pige, the pige is I, we are one, alone are none. Pige.


Getting a consistent bug where enemy pigeons gain back health when hungry when going speed based pigeon.


Thanks for the report! I was able to reproduce this bug right now, I'll upload a fixed version soon 👍




yo I 1 shoted the pigod.

me too



sometimes this happens and i can do nothing to revert it besides reloading the page :v

Huh, I thought I fixed that... Sorry about it, I'll try to fix this again soon. 

Also, thanks for commenting about it!


it only happens when the pigeons are both at 0 food,from what i have seen, idk if it helps you tho
Also why are you thanking me? I should be the one to thank you for making this amazing game


I'm also playing on the browser version, so might be that

 Well, you gave feedback and a nice compliment now, so that's why I'm thanking you hahaha anyway, it's always nice to see people enjoying our games.

 All the info helps as well, I'm going to look into the glitch right now 👍

Hey, I believe I fixed the bug you talked about. At least, I REALLY hope so hahaha


it happend to me to


Are you planning to update the repo on GitHub? I love to tinker with the source code but it seems like it isn't being updated.

I keep forgetting to update it 🤦‍♂️ sorry about that, I'll try to update it this week. When I do it, I'll answer this comment again, to notify you 👍

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Just updated it! I'll try to keep it updated in the future. Thanks for the patience, I hope you have some fun tinkering with the project!




very good game found myself playing for hours


Very fun, although I kept getting stuck in the same situation. I would fight another pigeon and we would both run out of food, thus getting stuck in an endless loop of doing 0 damage. You should probably fix or nerf this somehow as I have had to restart the game several times due to that issue. Other than that, great game!

 Thanks for playing, really happy that you liked it! It is always great to see people liking our games :)

I actually started to work on version 1.5 some time ago, but ended up forgetting it 😅pigeons will start taking damage if they get hungry for too long, which should fix the endless loop. Thanks for remembering me that this bug exists hahaha


amazing. this game is legit


Otimo jogo, precisei de varias tentativas pra derrotar o deus pombo, e curiosamente pra vencer ele eu usei o nick (Killer Gods)

Haaa, bom nome kkkkkkk obrigado por jogar! Ficamos contente que tenha gostado, também :)


I LOVE THIS GAME. but i do find it a bit too easy, are you planning to make an update where there is more enemys?

 Hey, great to know you loved it! We always enjoy getting positive feedback :)

 Right now the plan is to work on a bit more balancing (the defense build seems to be a bit overpowered, and as you said, the game is a bit easy). However, we got some suggestions on including more enemies and evolutions (maybe a total of 15 opponents would be a nice amount, and 3 more evos should also be a nice touch)... so, that's a possibility.

 But to say the truth, I believe it would be more likely that we end up making a sequel, that would have more things here and there, be longer, and more polished! It would be more or less a remake, with some new ideas we had along with time. Sadly, I can't promise anything... right now we are quite without time to work on this, with both work and study eating up our time.

Anyway, feel free to leave your suggestions, they are quite appreciated (really)! And once again, thanks for playing!


Thank you for replying! Nice to know there could be an other amazing game!


I loved the game, it was very funny. So here are some feedback for you, because I run through some problems when playing.

When i played on full window, the return button at the end of the fight, was invisible. The only way to make it visible again was to reduce the window size. 

Then, I didn't understand the aim of the three last items of the shop.

I have also some comments to make on the UI. It feels weird to me that I can't see my stats when choosing the next opponent. It's frustrating to close the window to check them.

Next, It give me the impression that the UI isn't consistent. For instance, the scrollbar, or the UI borders are not in the pixel-art theme.

Of course these comments are minor. The game graphics are really cool. I especially like the 'sink pigeon'.  i would love to play with this one.

Obviously, as other mention, some stats are overpowered. Also, gold rewards seems to be a bit high for my taste. it allows you to have high stats using the shop.

That it. I hope these feedback will help you make the game even better. Do you plan to continue the development of the game in the future? 


 Wow, thanks for the feedback, it is quite detailed! It makes us really happy to see that you enjoyed our game.

Right now we don't have any plans to update it, but I think I'll try it once I finish updating Planet Waves, one of our other games. I already added all your suggestions on a Trello board here, and I believe soon I'll end the other game update, and then start working on Pigeon Ascent 1.3.

 And once again, thanks for the feedback! In case you have any other suggestions, feel free to share them with us!


Already updated !

So I replayed it to check out what have changed and I see that you implemented all my suggestions. It feels more user friendly now. :)

As I play, I found an other bug: it's written that the hotdog heals 10 hungers but when I use it it only heals 5.

If you want to continue polishing the game, you can add other musics to avoid the repetitiveness. You can also add more 'skins'. If I'm right, the second evolution depends on the first one. So you have 6 different pigeons. You can have up to 9 different pigeons depending on your stats during the evolution.

After that, you need to focus on the replayability and game length. But, I saw in other comment that you plan to add "skills and/or equipment". So I will wait for that!

Hey Kurondie, glad you liked the changes! Most of them were actually quite simple to do, and I still ended up learning a thing or two 👍 if I recall correctly, I only did not rebalance the stats or made the items clearer. The rebalancing is still on the list of things to do, but it will be quite a bit annoying hahaha and about the three, I believe figuring out how they're used is part of the fun :)

Thanks for the bug report, I'll fix it quite soon. I believe I'll work a bit more on the game too, since to this date it still is one of our most played and liked game. Adding more musics and pigeons will be a nice challenge I think, but for the latter there are some unused pigeons already made, so I could implement them I believe.

And about the skills and equipments, I even forgot to add those to the base base hahaha it was been quite a while since the update before the last one. The skills we already had some interesting ideas, so I'll go search those and try to implement them, it will make the game quite better I hope. Hopefully it will not take a long time to do so. Also, thanks for the support! I hope you continue enjoying our games!


i can almost one shot everybody


the game lags and the pigeons no turn back and stuck in the corners

Super fun! Ahahah

Very fun!


What a fantastic game!


This is great!

Went all speed and did alright for a bit

Went all attack and slapped

 Glad you liked it! For now strength really is a bit overpowered, while speed is the opposite haha
 We have plans to add passive skills in the game, which would help with the balancing. For instance, speed builds could end gaining more damage with each attack, or have a chance to dodge attacks. I hope the game will be even better after this :)


It's very fun, please continue making the game 


We still are working on it, to say the truth! Next update, 1.3, might include skills and/or equipments!


lovely game. However attack seems overpowered. I can only skill attack and all goes well

You are absolutely right hahaha

 Strength right now is a lot stronger (no pun intended) than the other attributes, even after buffing defense and speed a little. We are thinking about skills for each class/evolution that could help us balance the game better, though!


Seems fun, but I keep getting stuck after the first fight -- once the enemy pigeon dies, I get the "Pombo won!" message and no way to exit that screen

Hmm, that definetly is a bug. Thanks for playing and pointing it out, I'll look into it!

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I'm on phone and weird because the thing fights for me like I don't even have to do anything lol


Too similar to chicken/dog fighting. Big sad. Music starts to grate on the ears really quickly. It's a no from me, boss


There's no reason anyone wouldn't want to put fantasy pigeons in a fighting ring and level them up like pokemon and buff 'em up like you're a freaking pigeon paladin just so they can beat up those damn sink head pigeons cause youre not brave enough to look a sink pigeon in the eye afraid he's gonna steal your soul. Ultimately you lose your poor pigeon but then you can reincarnate him like this is DBZ and start fucking some pigeon up all over again.

I talk aggressively cause I watched too many tiktoks but I really liked this game and here's a video if you wanna see that <3


Thanks a lot for making a video! It's great to know that you liked it too. And good luck watching more Tik Toks hahaha 

 Your video helped us locate some bugs and gave us some ideas to make the game feel better. For instance, evolution items could activate when the player buys them, instead of substituing the pigeon's second evolution.

  Thanks again for playing and making a video, it means a lot to us!

You're the sweetest 💖 I can't wait to see what else you make 🤗


I feel like I enjoyed this more than I should have lol. I did stuck at the evolution stage with a frozen screen.


Sorry about that, I looked here and I saw that the's option to view the jam entry is the problem. It has a very long name, and clicking won't work near the button.

 I removed the submission, and now it should work fine. Thanks for the feedback!

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Funny but somethink go wrong in browser play :

Some time during pigeons fight the two fighters "swap their place" then they stop fighting and the fight never finish.


 I'm working on it right now, big thanks for playing and pointing it out!


make it do the anime slice thing and they just fall in halfs

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