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Really a great game,I hope more people can experience it,Can I translate and port it to Android platform? Of course, he has your original information, itch address, and it is free


Great game! Interesting movement mechanics!


really a great game, i had a fun time playing it and a some unic rage moments hahaaha love the content and the style, everything is made with great design!


This is Sooper Dope (TM)


How rare is the amogus character? I had it for a moment before the first level.


There's about 1% of chance for they to appear :) Once you move, the character goes back to normal.


This video was supposed to be a compilation but there was so much content and challenge that it ended up as a standalone video! Well done! Challenging enough to make me lose it a bit lol


Amazing game Dude! This is a great game.

very good!!

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I you press the button multiple times on a ledge the game freezes. Other than that its a good game.

Very enjoyable one button game, art is cute and simple, movement challenging without being frustrating, a really great jam entry!

Wow, awesome game!  Having only one button to do different things based on context didn't feel like a frustrating limitation at all, well done on leaning into the spirit of this game jam.  Overall felt quite polished with the art and sound.


Really fun game with nice mechanics. It makes me want to participate in a jam similar to this one. We wrote a review for it here if you want to check it out:

Keep up the great work!


 Wow, thanks! Very happy with the score! Also, thanks for the compliments and feedback, REALLY appreaciate them!

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Man, this game is amazing!

A small big bug tough: there is a level that has two islands up and two down, in simetry. The inferior islands have spikes on the inferior side. This level has two of those bouncy slimes, one up and one down to let the player change between the platforms, but at some point the slimes just decided to have a walk to somewhere else and got out of the screen. I was still able to complete the level without them, though it was a little more complicated to switch between the inferior and superior islands.

Thanks man!

 I just fixed this bug haha it seems it was quite common. Thanks for pointing it out, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


could you release the source as per the Jam rules? 

 Hey, didn't find that rule on the jam page, did it was mentioned on Discord?

Anyway, the source code is now available on the downloads!


Very cool game, loved it. Just a small problem, sometimes the little blobs that the player uses to jump fall off the map and do not respawn, so you can lose all your progress.The art and the music are very nice.

 My bad, just fixed it. Thanks for playing and pointing this out!


This is really well done. Great art, animation, music, and level design. It reminded of Jump King, with how precise some jumps need to be. I was also surprised by how many levels there were. That last level is almost evil with the precision required.

 Thanks for playing, glad to know you enjoyed it so much!

 Just pushed an update that makes the last level a bit more enjoyable. It indeed was quite frustrating, should've tested more hahaha


Nice game! But i can't be able to  play after 4 levels! Art is quite good and music also fits it and character movements are smooth to:)

Dang, did you find a bug?

 Also, thanks a lot for the feedback, really appreciate it (specially since I'm still practicing pixel art 🙂)! 

I thinks it is better if it have more keys to operate cuz i can't do jump  onto the other platform.

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