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Clever game! Got 1:15 on my third run :)



Love that !! 

Fun little game! During the longer sequence with the falling blocks, I didn't realize that there was a puzzle element I was supposed to be solving; I just treated it like a dexterity challenge and pushed through without stopping to think about what I was doing (you know, because I never had time to stand still). It worked for me, though!

Fun game, cool platforming mechanics! Got 1:59 with no deaths on my first run.

super cool! great concept, really pulled off the Nokia look

this was absolutely delightful! Unique, fun, short, and to the point.
Great work! 

Nice one!  I liked the lighting effects, the puzzle like nature of the game was cool.  I got 2:15 my second run through.

My only gripe is that the falling panels are a bit too fast for the speed of the observation tools.  I found it hard to react.  I ended up in the end solving that section by just blind jumping in the dark, which feels counter intuitive after the clever puzzles before.  I'd love a little more delay on the falling/timed sections if you expand this to a bigger game, to let the player observe their surroundings and smartly "puzzle" their way through Portal final level style.

I loved the little teaching puzzle with the hidden arrows.  The little metroid-like surprise in the controls was cool too!  There's a lot of great design here!  Thanks for a great game!

nice game!

Good Game

the lack of lamps in the final section created a trial & error scenario that wasn't fun to go through.

i feel this concept was held back by the nokia color palette, as three colors only made for three uses: background, visible, and invisible.

best of luck to all your future jamming!

nice game