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greate game and really nice

Great game! I came here to checkout how Godot is for Web games. I especially love the wall penetration mechanism and the animations.


hey, this was really nice


hahaæ joj refrenc


I just speedRunned. Try and beat my 5 minutes!
The video showing proof that I speedrunned.


controls are a bit hard I suggest next time dont give SO MUCH OPTION... I got confused on, should I press the W,S,D,A keys or the arrow keys also the jump and the dive into walls feels a bit unnatural other than that love this game 




Great! I loved to play as Secco…


Thanks! Just wait until you see Anasui in Stone Ocean hahaha


Interesting… I feel Oasis more closely matches the mechanics of this game, but I'd love to play a game with the powers of Diver Down.


A little gameplay

 Thanks a lot! We really appreciate seeing gameplays of the game :)


Detalhes <3

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this game remind me celste and i love it so it's a good point

 Thanks a lot! We really feel flattered with such a comparision, since we love Celeste as well!


WebGL 2 not available


 I believe that's an issue with your web browser... you can check if it supports WebGL2 here:

If it doesn't, you can activate it with these instructions: 

 Also, I believe the HTML5 version only works in Firefox Quantum: pease consider downloading one of the standalone versions in case it does not work!



You are welcome!



 Thanks a lot for your gameplay, we were really happy to see a video of our game :)

Sorry about the bugs you found as well, I should start on fixing them soon. Thanks again for playing!


You're welcome. I'm gonna finish the game, but not as a video.


Neat game, controlling the character feels really good, the level design is on point and overall an interesting idea for a platformer. For me it is on the easier side, but that comes from someone who plays platformers a lot.

Also as a side-note: It was much quicker to do trial and error than to follow all the colored wires and think about what button to press next on that grid level ("haywire?"). Plus it's little hard to see where the light is on that one.

 Thanks a lot for your feedback! We really appreciate it, specially about the Level Design being on point!

 I'll try to make things get more difficult and interesting on future later stages. Also, thanks for pointing about the lights being too dim, I'll try to find a way to make that stage more interesting. Again, thanks for your feedback!



 Thanks a lot! Really glad to read that you found it so awesome!


nice game, some levels were uite challenging :-)

Thanks! Glad you found some levels challenging, since some people actually found the game too easy (in my opinion, however, the game is harder than easier hahaha)


This was a fun little experience, with a surprising amount of depth! Some of the levels were really challenging. I like the little particle effect when you dive into/out of a wall.

I think I found a little corner-case bug, where it let me dive out of a wall into an 'unphaseable' wall. It wasn't a big deal since I could get back into the regular wall, but just something I ran into.

Thanks for the feedback Cassowary! Really appreciate seeing that you liked the little details, such as the particles when diving. About the bug, thanks as well for pointing it out! Very soon I'll upload a version where it should be fixed.

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I like this game a lot. :) Thanks a lot this experience too, and for sharing it together with the code as well! I'm a newcomer and started learning Godot recently. So far I'm really happy :) If I'm right I think this is the corner-case bug mentioned by cassowary:

 Thanks a lot for commenting, really glad you liked it too!

 The source code is very messy, but I sincerely hope you can learn a thing or two from it. An additional tip is to always try to make things simple while coding: Godot makes it really easy to do stuff that is complex on other engines, and while this is a great help, sometimes we as developers can end up spending a lot of resources on something that could be made simpler. I'm not a master at this by the way, but I thought this tip might help you :)

 Thanks for the video with the bug as well! Could you tell me which version of the game you were using? I could swear I fixed this bug on version 1.0.1 (the version at Github is the jam version, where the bug is still present... once the game is finished, I should release it's source again, with a more organized code as well!).


Hm.. I installed it from client on Linux. This what I was able to research for the version:

$ ./diver_down-linux64.x86_64 --version


$ md5sum diver_down-linux64.x86_64

a983f185cddde39880d9acc37174265a  diver_down-linux64.x86_64

On it is reported as : game 318624, version  #1105963

 Thanks for replying! I've managed to reproduce the bug, and already am trying to fix it hahaha


also how do you dive into ceilings?

 You should me able to change your dive direction with the arrow keys: so, to dive in ceilings you can press "up" and then X. The current dive direction is also indicated by the cursor next to the character.

 Also, in order to dive out of floors, you can do the same, that is, chose a direction towards outside of the floor and press X :)


i cannot, the web version doesnt work

If I'm not mistaken, the web version only works on Firefox Quantum. Could you please try one of the downloadable files?


sorry, im on chromebook

 No problem, but I guess the only way for you to play is by using another computer, or by habilitating Linux apps on your Chromebook, and then using the Linux file... Clicking here is a guide to help you in that, in case you are interested.


you can very easily dive into the floor with no way out... the only fix is a restart of the whole game

can you add a r key to restart a level?

 I will add it when the jam is over, thanks for suggesting it! However, pressing the "Home" key should restart the current level if I'm not mistaken.