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The plot twist got me. Fun game, had fun guessing the ratios.

Ha ha ha... I very much enjoyed this and loved the twist. 

Enjoyed the game, got through it and loved the ending haha! The cauldron explosion was a tad loud and lowered it on my video to compensate but was a lot of fun =) keep up the amazing work and left a follow! I look forward to more!!!

Very fun! Nice and simple yet well guided. I enjoyed it for sure!

the twist ending caught me off guard


Oh man this game not only feels good but also looks good. I love the particles and the lighting


It took me a while, but we figured it out! Awesome game. Check out the Stream


I've created the potion Midas's secret, but I do not know what to do next. The game looks neat, though.


Just do dragons poison to 50 then the delro or whatever it's called do 80 then Midas and you're done.



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Oh man, this game was SUPER fun!

I love the trial and error of it all. I felt like a real alchemist trying to discover the secrets of the universe.

I ended up beating it, but are there more than 1 ending?


 Hey there, happy to know you enjoyed it! Great to know it was fun too.

 Also, there's only one ending right now. But an alternate ending would've been really neat... nice idea :)